Take four actions for a better Ontario!

There are four things you can do to make Ontario a better place!

1. Rally on May 28 against Hydro privatization
2. Rally on June 6 at the Ontario Liberal AGM: Stand Up for Ontario!
3. Rally on July 5 for jobs, justice and the climate
4. Email Premier Wynne to save good jobs at Crown Holdings

It is shaping up to be a summer of action, as workers and community members come together to defend the public interest, stop Premier Wynne’s austerity and defeat Stephen Harper in the October election. Your support is vital for protect Ontario for future generations!

May 28 Rally to Keep Hydro Public

The provincial government plans to sell Hydro One and further privatize our local electrical utilities. Premier Wynne did not run on a hydro privatization campaign and has no mandate to sell-off vital public assets. Join a mass rally at Queen’s Park on May 28 to tell our government to Keep Hydro Public.
For more information on the Keep Hydro Public campaign, visit KeepHydroPublic.ca and sign up for daily updates.

June 6 Rally to “Stand Up for Ontario” takes on Ontario Liberals

On Saturday, June 6, the Ontario Liberals will be meeting at a resort in Collingwood but labour and community groups will be sending the message that it won’t be business as usual as long as Premier Kathleen Wynne pursues her austerity agenda and privatization plans.

Meet at the Wintergreen Parking Lot at 12:30 pm on Saturday, June 6, across from the Blue Mountain Village Convention Centre (156 Jozo Weider Blvd, Collingwood, Ontario).
Bring megaphones, flags and signs to Stand Up for Ontario! Contact your local union to arrange for buses and car pooling.

July 5 Rally for Jobs, Justice and the Climate

Renowned activist and author Naomi Klein and a broad coalition of Aboriginal, labour, environmental and community groups have come together to mobilize a mass rally for “Jobs, Justice and the Climate” in Toronto on eve of the Climate Summit of the Americas and Pan American Economic Summit.

Take action on July 5, 2015 to join the call for a justice-based transition ensures that those most impacted by the climate crisis – Indigenous, racialized, poor and working people – are the first to benefit from this new economy.

Join the action at: JobsJusticeClimate.ca

Email Premier Wynne to save good jobs at Crown Holdings

Over 120 United Steelworkers in Toronto were forced on strike over 20 months ago because they would not accept a demand by Crown Holdings, one of the largest can manufacturers in the world, that new workers be paid up to 42% less for doing the same job.
Send an email to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Labour Minister Kevin Flynn asking them to take further action on the side of workers and stop a new era of union busting in Canada from emerging.

Click here to send an email through LabourStart!