Member Login and Web Mail Instructions

Welcome to your step by step instructions to register for your union membership and webmail account. This point based instruction is to guide you through the process of obtaining a membership login in order for you to enter the “members section” area of your Union website. Additionally, your union has made arrangements for you to be able to register for your own personal union web mail account.

1. Click on the “Member Login” button. Once you have clicked this button you will be redirected to a Member Login Page.
2. Click on the “New User Register” button and this will take you to a registration form.
3. Complete the registration form. It is important that you record your personal email in addition to a password.
4. Select the “Submit” button. You will be prompted that your submission is complete. You will then receive an email in your personal email account that will confirm your new union login. NOTE: This email will also contain your union webmail user name and temporary password. You will also receive a second verification email that will activate your account, once you click on the attached link. This will take you back to the Login where you can now enter your user name and password.
5. You now have access in the membership area of your union website.
When typing in your first and last name In the new user registration form:

Please pay close attention not to have any spacing before and or after the characters of your first and last name.