Letter to Editor… Impact of Loss of Door to Door Postal Delivery in Brampton

Canada Post is clashing with residents and politicians in The City of Brampton and throughout the Region of Peel.

If we allow Canada Post to get away with discontinuing the current door to door delivery of our mail, The City of Brampton and every municipality in Canada and the taxpayers within those communities will be responsible for installation, liability, safety, traffic, pedestrian flow, sanitary issues [pets], and the security for the tens of thousands of group mail boxes that will dot and dominate our older and established neighbourhoods. Group mail boxes will replace the current door to door public service your postal service has provided since its conception. If Canada Post Corporation implements its agenda to end door to door delivery, snow removal, litter, unwanted graffiti costs will also be incorporated into your municipal tax bill for perpetuity. As well your municipality will have no say as to where the group mail boxes will be located.

Imagine the impact on our older established neighborhood that weren’t designed for the intrusion of this type of street furniture. So much for our heritage districts. Anyone with a corner lot with will be a prime candidate for a series of group mail boxes adjacent to their property. Canada Post will unilaterally place group mail boxes at entrances to parks, community centres, and close to schools. I can imagine the uproar from the residences and business on the Main and Queen Street corridors. Peel Village, Bramalea, downtown, and communities such as Flowertown will have several hundred of these group boxes lining their streets, courts, avenues and boulevards. The unsightly mega mailboxes are a safety concern for pedestrians, especially children crossing roads. People with mobility issues or house bound will be negatively impacted. Drivers will have restricted views of our neighbourhood roads and pedestrian traffic. The discontinuation of door to door postal delivery service is a disaster waiting to happen. The impact on property values will be a negative one. Canada Post is causing unneeded conflict between neighbours, city workers, administrators, politicians.

We have politicians representing residents in Brampton who don’t reside in Brampton. I hope they don’t make their decision on this matter based on where they actually reside rather than those they represent. As well we have politicians who must tote the Government’s position on this matter rather what’s in the best interest of their constituents and despite the fact some don’t reside in Brampton or within the Region of Peel.

And let’s face it when it all comes down to it this decision by Canada Post is simply a means to reduce postal services, setting it up to be privatized, have its workers do more for less and with less so the most senior administrators can take a larger share of the profits in salaries and bonuses. Meanwhile the vast majority of Canadians have a reduced postal service that is less secure and negatively impacts our communities and threatens our public service. Your public postal service must be preserved, protected and expanded to include all Canadians. Brampton needs to step up and challenge Canada Post on the issue of discontinuing door to door delivery and they need to do it now.

Peter Bailey