Executive Officers

Local 831 Executives/Table Officers for 2019

Fabio Gazzola


VP Office/Outside
Ryan Smart


VP Protec
Steve Brown


Mohit Dang


Recording Secretary
Shona Gage


Chief Steward OO
Hayden Stewart


Chief Steward OO
Kevin Pearcy


Chief Steward PT
Chris Sensicle

Office/Outside Stewards

City Hall

Lorne Ploquin


Provincial Offences Courthouse
Angela Stewart


Arenas & Facilities
David Livingstone
Colin Souce


Animal Services
Shona Gage


Sandalwood Yard
Contact Chief Steward


Williams Parkway
Joe Ciavoliello


Adam Hamilton


Protec Stewards
Corporate Support – Eric Lister
Meagan Guerra
Legislative Services – Andrew Smith


Return to Work Specialist
Fabio Gazzola
Ryan Smart or Hayden Stewart

Job Evaluation

Steering Committee
Fabio Gazzola (Co-Chair), Steve Brown, Jimmy Botelho


Ratings Committee
Ryan Smart (Co-Chair), Shona Gage, Mohit Dang



Corporate Services/CAO/Legislative Services
Shona Gage, Jimmy Botelho, Angela Stewart, Mohit Dang


Public Works and Engineering
Lorne Ploquin, Michelle Alves, Giuseppe Montesano, Gil Milliken


Planning, Design and Development
Michelle Murrin, Dana Jenkins, Sonya Serrick


Community Services
Service Brampton- Ryan Smart
Theater/Real Estate – Femi Rufus
Parks Sandalwood Yard -Blair Meisner
Parks Williams Parkway -Brandon Batchelor
Recreation West – Colin Souce
Recreation West- David Livingstone
Recreation West- Koady Zammit
Recreation East- Kevin Pearcy
Recreation East – Trish Walton
Recreation East- Ashely Petrocco.