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Local 831 Executives/Table Officers for 2017

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Fabio Gazzola
VP Office/Outside
Ryan Smart
VP Protec
Steve Brown
Secretary Treasurer
Mohit Dang
Recording Secretary
Jagjit Panesar
Chief Steward OO
Kevin Pearcy
Chief Steward PT
Chris Sensicle
Return to Work Specialist
Fabio Gazzola
Ryan Smart
Web site/Social Media Specialist
Kevin Pearcy

Office/Outside Stewards

Williams Parkway
Mike Cramer
Sandalwood Parkway
Joe Dipasquale
Parks Glidden
Contact Chief Steward
Animal Shelter
Shona Gage
City Hall
Amanda Sauer, Richard Titus-Glover
Enforcement and Bylaw
Sandy Walsh
Arena & Facilities East
Kevin Pearcy
Arena & Facilities West
Brian Beisel
Civic Centre
Contact Chief Steward
Flower City Community Campus
Contact Chief Steward
Theatres & Orenda Rd
Adam Hamilton
Provincial Offences Courthouse
Angela Stewart
Protec Stewards
Roberta Van Belkom – Corporate Services
Eric Lister – Public Services

Job Evaluation

Fabio Gazzola (Alternate Ryan Smart)
Ryan Smart (Alternate Sandy Walsh)
Mike Cramer (Alternate Hayden Stewart)
Eric Lister (Alternate Roberta Van Belkom)


Sandy Walsh
Jagjit Panesar
Terri Cook
(2016 – 2018)
Wade Speirs
Hayden Stewart
Ryan Smart
(2017 – 2019)


Dave Livingstone (2017 – 2020)
Shane Keyes (2017 – 2019)
Bruno Santaluce (2017- 2018)